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How to carry an second firearm?


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  • How to carry an second firearm?

    So recently I have been toying with the idea of cattying a second firearm at work. Basically here is my set up, I have a Glock 26 9mm. Off duty I have been putting on my right ankle. I am left handed, but I have it situated where the gun rests upon the inside of my leg so I can get to it easily. The problem I see with this set up is that if I have to climb anything, the gun could get loose or somehow get tangled up in something. My other concern, and this is the foremost concern is that is I am bringing another firearm into a situation, where it could possibly get loose and used against me. I guess I'm trying to see if there are any alternatives to carrying a second weapon on your ankle? Any comments would be great!!! Thanks and everyone be safe!!!

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    the keltec 3AT has a clip and when it's in your pocket looks like a knife.
    it's thinner than a deck of cards too.
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      I have to agree. I have a Keltec P32 and I use the clip to put it inside my pants. I've worn it with basketball shorts and u can't even notice it is there.
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        Thanks for the input!!!! I will check it out for sure


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          First, I ask, why are you using a 9mm?

          But to answer you question, the best place I have found is a small holster on your vest strap.

          Most uni's these days use zippers which will allow you to access your weapon quickly, without any fear of losing it as you have with the ankle holster (running, jumping fences, or in fights).


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            What do you carry on duty as a primary gun?

            I know a lot of officers carry a second gun on their person by attaching it to the vests. Some places will make pants for carrying the gun in the pocket. Even a gun as large as the Glock 26.


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