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    I recently applied for the position of Communcations Operator for the Broward Sheriff Office. I received a conditional offer of employement and I just took my psychological test today and I never experienced personally taking one until now but have obviously heard stories both good and bad from others.

    I feel that I did the best I could and answered all the questions truthfully to the best of my knowledge and abilities as though a majority of the questions where strange. I feel that it could be a possibility that some of my answers to questions in the packet could seem varied in terms of one question being asked 5 different ways but me answering the question the same way 4 out of the 5 times.

    Its obviously a prolonged examination and it’s easy to get mixed up when in that room. The oral interview afterwards I feel was pretty good, I wasn’t in there for very long probably about 15 to 30 minutes and he only asked me to explain two of the questions I gave answers to as well as asking the general pre employment questions such as have you ever did drugs etc which was more agency related questions rather than apart of the physiological part.

    Im just curious as to how the process works in terms of the evaluation of my tests and interview and the minimal passing score or how it works and takes. I was told about 10 business days from the doctor but I’m curious as to know if the hiring agency is notified sooner and after the interview does he already know if you passed or failed and just waits to compile the report? I would assume it’s agency based and varies but I’m just curious in general and based on those who may have knowledge or experience in this area and based upon what I am writing what anyone may think my chances are.

    I am currently employed with another law enforcement agency in communications and I have no doubts about my ability and willingness to do this job but we never had to take this exam so it’s all new to me. I have confidence and doubts, but I like to play it safe and not get too excited.


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    Two of my friends recently got dq'd. One psych, other didn't even get the conditional offer. The one who took the psych found out two weeks after taking the exam. Honestly, it's survival of the fittest when it comes to these exams. Should be smooth sailing once BSO mives you forward.


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      How is it going?


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        Hello all, anyone currently going through the BSO process? I am currently CERTIFIED, and recently passed the polygraph now waiting on the Psych results, which is nerve wrecking. However, I have not turned in my PHQ packet as of yet , which will be to start on my background. Any insight at all will help thank you.


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          I am in the process with BSO. I just took my psych last Thursday. how long did you have to wait to find out ?

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        It took me 3-4 days. They will call you if you have pass.


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