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  • Hiring Process

    I live in Volusia County. I have everything done for my application to the academy. I keep reading about people already being employed with various police depts. and then they go to academy. Does it vary between state, county etc. I thought you had to go thru BLE first. Thx, Clint

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    In the majority of Florida academies (all the ones I know of) you don't have to already be employed by an agency to get in the academy. Some places give preference to sponsored people over non-sponsored, but anyone can go to the academy... if you have the $$$, they'll accept you (an pass meet all requirements of course).

    For example, I put myself through the academy last year and finished in Feb. '05 and I just got hired by an agency. Some departments like the fact that you put yourself through the academy, it saves them money and shows you have initiative. But if you can get yourself hired before the academy do that, it'd be nice to make money while in the academy and to be guaranteed (if you pass) a job when you graduate.

    Good luck


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      It varies from agency to agency. Some will sponsor you thru the academy, meaning they hire you and pay you to go to school, others will not and they require that you have completed the academy and passed the state exam/


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        Thanks for the info. Clint


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          Originally posted by wannabele
          Thanks for the info. Clint
          Ineed to change my avatar


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            Another thing to remember, is that tomm. is OCT 1. Which means for most Gov't agencies in FL that it is "NEW YEAR" time and new budget's. So.. Good luck to the job hunters, BE SAFE to the Vet's... and..HAPPY NEW YEAR.
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              There are many opportunities in Florida and some heavy recruiting going on.

              Some excellent FL police job resources are

              Florida Police and Law enforcement
              Florida Department of Law Enforcement
              Florida Police Chief's Association

              Anyway, good luck.
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