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What is the FDLE?


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  • What is the FDLE?

    What is the FDLE? I see Troopers on the road but I read a post some where that FHP does not have detectives or handle any of the FL state LE stuff??? Is that true?

    I never quite understood the difference of why some state LE call themselves State Police and some call themselves Highway Patrol. I always thought it was just a vanity thing but now I am beginning to wonder if there is a difference between a HP and a SP. Is there?

    If so is that what the FDLE is? Are they like the investigative or LE wing of the state or more accurately the real state police type thing? Please help inform this northerner. In NY the state police is the ... well ... state police. They handle all major investigations and crimes that occur in the state (outside of NYC of course. NYPD does all LE in NYC limits. NYSP does not enter NYC at all really).

    I don't think that the SP in NY does much in any of the other large metro areas either. I think the large metro PDs handle their own stuff to an extent. But in all rural areas the Sheriffs office handles minor things and the SP handles major things and investigations.

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    Theyre like the FBI for the state of Florida, they handle any huge investigations (like mayor Dyer of ORlandos investigation) and also help cooridnte with smaller PDs and SOs.
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      FDLE = Florida Department of Law Enforcement
      They pretty muh handle things for alot of Agencies. here in Florida They are also the Governing Law Enforcement Agency as far as standards and Training are concerned.

      FHP= Florida Highway Patrol.... All they handle is traffic accidents and tickets for the most part they are assigned to most of the major highways and state roads in florida and thats all they do pretty much. They are the keepers of the Highways and are resposible for the highway statistics.
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        Wow. So really the FDLE is the state police so to speak?

        1. If so then where do these guys come from? Is this a job that one just applies for? Or do these guys have to be street cops or FHP first?

        2. Do these guys have offices or precincts around the state?


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          f.d.l.e. agents are usually street cop's from other agencies before theyapply,
          f.h.p. troopers can apply if they are sharp enough, but usually don't have the experience with street crime or high tech crime.

          i guess you can say they are sorta a not in uniform state detective agency.

          I think the major difference in state police vs high way patrol

          your state's witha patrol have a strong sheriff's office and they are gonna
          run the show in their county.

          state police in a lotta other states usually have bigger budgets than
          a lotta rural sheriff's and better resources, the sheriff is still chief law enforcement officer and his power is paramount...

          however with the state agencies in fla, i think they all have their separate
          missions and not a single agency has more power than another.
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