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  • Atlantic Beach

    Anyone down there know about this dept? Or perhaps a small dept (200+ ofc) who pay well with a low COLA?

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    look at some of the beaches on the west coast. I'm thinking Pinellas county and south. Longboat key pays well. Treasure Island, St. Pete beach are just a few.


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      Can't say about Atlantic Beach.

      But, you are being steered in the right direction.

      Southwest Florida - Lee County, Collier County, Tampa area etc.

      There are some depts in the Melbourne area (middle east coast) paying well and it is still reasonable to buy a house.

      Just depends on what/ where you want.


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        I know a few folks who live in AB (work at the Naval station Mayport). Doesnt seem like a bad area, pay is pretty reasonable and doesnt cost alot to live in that area. You might want to check out JSO also.
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          I don't know about the pay but the Pinellas County Sheriffs Officer has a very good reputation in the Tampa/St. Pete area.

          Tampa PD has turned around in the last 5-10 years I've heard from being a terrible place to work to be pretty good, don't have a lot of first hand information though.

          Avoid St Petersberg PD like the plague.

          I would also avoid St Petersburg Beach PD too. My brother is a Firefighter there and talks to the cops. No one seems happy there and the city gives the officers a hard time over contractual issues.

          Good luck!
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