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Florida and HR218


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  • Florida and HR218

    New info here. http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/HR218/co..._firearms.html
    FL seems to be moving forward with this which seems nice.

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    Seing as how it's a federal law, I don't care too much about what Florida's position on it is. I'll be carrying next month when I travel to Florida, and I don't anticipate any trouble.
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      Originally posted by Twelve Volt Man
      Seing as how it's a federal law, I don't care too much about what Florida's position on it is. I'll be carrying next month when I travel to Florida, and I don't anticipate any trouble.

      But remember you can not carry in the theme parks, Kennedy Space Center or our wonderful state tribal casinos!
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        Don't believe for a minute that federal law supercedes the individual states laws. Florida cops will respect your status, but each state can put up their own restrictions, so double check before you travel. Don't forget your I.D. card!
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          My intention on creating this topic was to inform active FL officers or retired officers from FL or other places that now reside in FL that the state is actively pursuing compliance with this new law. I am very pleased to see that my state is doing this for us and I appreciate it as a retired officer from another state now residing in FL.

          You can't carry in a theme park anymore? Since when? Just curious because I know that you used to be able to so I was wondering when this changed. I have a FL CCW and I did not read anywhere in the laws concerning CCW about it either.


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            Originally posted by Sentinel
            You can't carry in a theme park anymore? Since when? Just curious because I know that you used to be able to so I was wondering when this changed. I have a FL CCW and I did not read anywhere in the laws concerning CCW about it either.
            Disney and Universal (sorry dont know about Bush Gardens) have always restricted firearms from being brought into the parks. I know Universal offers lock boxes for off duty cops.
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              Wow. That's very interesting because there was quite a long topic posted in the forums over at packing.org about carrying at the parks in question and it was determined that it was not illegal to carry there if you have a CCW. The topic stated that there were no metal detectors at the parks entrance.

              I'm not doubting you (you are Orlando LEO right?) I would just like to see it in writing someplace because I find it hard to believe that I have never sen it any where. I go to those parks often and I have never seen it in any park documentation, I have never seen metal detectors at the gates, no signs at the entrance stating that no firearms are allowed and it is not in the FL CCW documentation and in that documentation it specifically states places in which you cannot carry.

              Before anyone gets all over me for this I am not saying that any one should or should carry in a theme park or if it is good idea that they allow or deny it either. I am merely curious about it as I am a gun buff, I do carry and I do go to these parks all the time and as such I think it would be a major slip up on my part to have missed this in park documentation or FL state law on CCW which I try to keep up on. If I missed something like this I would like to know, that's all. To each his own.


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                Iam both a former Orlando area municpal and federal officer. Currently in South Florida.

                Its not illegal to carry in the theme parks, however if you are caught you will be removed and your money will not be refunded. You can read the rules and regulations posted at the theme parks or even call them and they will send you a copy. I know Universal restricts anyone but Orlando PD (they do run metal detectors during Halloween) from carrying and Im pretty sure Disney does not allow anyone but Orange county deputies from carrying within the parks.
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                  Wow, I never heard that. I don't know how they can do that if they do not tell you up front. I would be angry and demand my money back. They should have that policy on a sign at the gate at the very least or on the back of the ticket or on their web site. I find it hard to believe that they could have a policy like that in place without it being written somewhere. How can they enforce a policy like that if they don't have it written so that customers can see it. How can a person be expected to comply with a policy if they do not tell them the policy before hand?

                  Again, not that I disagree with the policy. Just that I think it is not fair to have a policy but not inform anyone about it. Kind of like if they don;t allow smoking there but they don't tell any one and then you light up a cig and they throw you out of the park.


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                    I believe the policy has been in place for a long time. I know Universal has a big policy sign at the entrance of Citywalk as well as at the entrance of the theme parks. Universal will allow you to use their lock boxes at the security office while you visit the parks. Disney, Iam unsure of the policy but I believe it is the same and they do have it in writing. As far as Wet N Wild or Watermania (or other attractions) I do not know the policy.

                    I also would not carry at any of the casinos. Its a felony to carry within the tribal grounds (I know thats where Iam employed), however exemptions are made if you go on one of the hunts within the rural reservations.
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                      Theme parks

                      Orlando fed is right. Each park has it's own rules and Disney has that one posted at the box office. Unless you are on the job in an official capacity, you will be asked to lock it up or go home.
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                        Never let it be said that I do not admit when I am wrong I emailed Disney World management just to make sure you guys were right and here is their reply:
                        From: Walt Disney World Guest Mail <[email protected]>
                        To: [email protected]
                        Received: 06/30/05 03:30 PM
                        Subject: Re: Request for General Information about Walt Disney World Resort
                        Dear MyNameRemoved,

                        Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World? Resort.

                        It may interest you to know we have a strict policy regarding firearms. Our policy is that no guns
                        are permitted in our theme Parks or Resorts. If a resort guest brings one on property, it must be
                        locked up in the safe deposit boxes at the front desk, not in a room safe. If guests visiting our
                        theme parks bring in firearms, it must either be left in their vehicle, or checked in with security
                        when entering the park. Only on-duty law enforcement officers whose agency has jurisdiction
                        at the Walt Disney World? Resort may carry any weapon.

                        We hope you find this information helpful.

                        If you have questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

                        Please include your full name, E-Mail address, and reservation number if applicable on all

                        Thank you!


                        Debbie Grant
                        WDW Online Communications

                        Original Message Follows:

                        I am a retired police officer and I have a CCW permit. I have found nothing
                        on your web site that states that firearms possession is not allowed by lawful
                        persons that have a CCW permit and/or retired or off duty law enforcement
                        officers. Also I have never seen any signs to that effect at the parks either.
                        Can you please advise me if Disney World theme parks do have any official
                        policy regarding the possession of a firearm by a lawful firearm owner in your
                        theme parks? And if so can you please provide me a link to the place where it
                        states this restriction?
                        Thank you.

                        My Name [[email protected]]
                        So you were right, I was wrong (although I knew you were because you are right there. I was just hoping you were wrong) and I thought I would put this here to be the definitive answer on the subject for others because I hear this question often.

                        Although I could still swear that it was not always the case. I could have sworn that you were allowed to do this at some point. I wonder if this changed after 9/11.

                        And it appears that even off duty officers from Orlando are NOT allowed to carry there unless on duty. That's weird.
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                          So, does it over ride state law or no? I havebeen researching this topic for some time for class purposes, and it states in the first line: exempt current and previous le officers from state laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed hand guns."
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                            It has been a while since I have read the full text of the law but as I recall it stated that officers that qualify (which in and of itself is a separate topic) are allowed to carry in any state.

                            As I was explained this it is the same as if you have a CCW in all 50 states. If so then no state can opt out of this in the same way that they cannot opt out of other federal laws. All 50 states have no choice but to allow you to carry.

                            Of course while carrying you have no LE powers. You are only allowed in the same way that regular civilian is when he possesses a CCW and you are therefore bound by the firearms laws of that state for all CCW permit holders of that state. My understanding then is that no state can put any special restrictions on you other than those placed on all CCW permit holders.

                            So what do you mean when you say "does this superseded state law?"? Because if you mean can a state just not comply with this and not allow an officer to carry then no, a state cannot do that. But if you mean can a state not let an officer carry in a bar in the same way that they can stop a civilian CCW holder from carrying in a bar then yes, I would think that would be OK because the officer carrying under HR218 would be subject to the same laws as the CCW holder.

                            Sadly I think some cases are going to have to be brought up and interpreted before we find out exactly what the limits are.


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