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Few questions on the FHP's TRC.


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  • Few questions on the FHP's TRC.

    I understand there is a thread on FHP but my questions were not found there and are generally towards the TRC aspect not BRC.

    1) How long is the TRC? The answer most people give is 2 months, but for example class 127 TRC recruits joined the academy on Dec. 16 and graduated on Jan. 30 for a total of 6 weeks. While Class 128 TRC joined in June 9th but won't graduate until Aug. 7 for a total of 8 weeks. That is a difference of two weeks and a lot can be accomplished in 2 weeks, why the difference?

    2) How free are you during the weekend? Can you travel back home as you please?

    3) If the class is dismissed for the weekend on a Friday afternoon, do we need to be accountable and back in the barracks by Sunday night or before roll call Monday morning?

    4) I understand that during the weekday recruits will be busy with class, but after class is done and past 1700 are recruits forced into their rooms and given a lights out?

    5)Coming into the program as TRC, are we in a disadvantage when it comes to 10-codes for example? Are we expected to learn them in a short time while BRC had since the beginning of the academy?

    6) Most of the Military Vets will understand this question: Are recruits given CQ/ Fireguard watch during the night?

    7) Another military related question: Do you know if we can use the GI bill during the academy, Honestly to collect the stipend/BAH?

    I been through the Army so I can deal and handle with a stressful environment and PT, but just curious how Para-Military they are. Thanks !
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    Those are some interesting questions that I would like to see answered!


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