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    Couple weeks ago, one of my instructors in class told us about Riviera Beach Police Dept. needing certified and non-certified officers. I know the pay is less than other agencies, but I'm still thinking about applying anyways. Does anyone know anything about RBPD as far as their repuatation personnel, and etc.
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    On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate everything below a 4.

    no take home
    not enough personnel
    calls are backed up
    due to heavy call volume, no self initiated work. everything is calls for service
    lowest paid in the county (less than FHP)
    not sure about pension
    word is that if you're not african american, your chances of getting hired are very low.

    But job is a job. I would apply there out of pure desperation, but they still wouldn't hire me lol...

    good luck bud


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      I give all the guys and gals that work there all the credit in the world. They don't pay them nearly enough to be in that hell hole and it's def not a place you should go if you are a half way decent candidate and have a shot with other places. There are other/better departments hiring and I'd suggest looking elsewhere before there. Good luck to you.


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        Thank you. I figured the reputation wasn't the greatest but i just needed a few opinions.


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          And I guess as an African-American, if I applied there my chances would be good lol, but I'll take my chances with other agencies first.
          Thank you.


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            Has anyone gotten hired by them or been through the process? Seem like they hire year-round.
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