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state exam in Tallahassee


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  • state exam in Tallahassee

    Hey guys and girls, I'm taking the exam Wednesday morning in Tallahassee. Anybody else attending that site?

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    The CJBAT or FDLE? I'm not, but best of luck to you!
    NYPD Exam 2050 (3/2012)
    List # XX
    APD-5: 2/1/14
    Initial Medical: -------
    Written Psychological: ------
    Oral Psychological: -------
    J.S.T: -------
    Meeting w/ BI: ---------
    Mini Medical: --------
    Getting everything in order and playing the waiting game.


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      I took the SOCE in Tallahassee. Good luck, take your time, and think the questions through, but do not over think them.


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        FDLE ......

        Over-thinking questions ...... my biggest problem.

        Im confident ----- will take my time - read / re-read.

        Haven't studied for a test since 2000 ( Sgt Exam )

        Thanks for all the tips and advice these past two weeks ...... all be safe.


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          Test is complete .......

          A few points ....

          Although I think the instructors at Santa Fe College are great and very knowledgeble (?), Their instruction did nothing to prepare me for the exam.

          As you all said, right from the book s where all the questions came from.

          Seemed like a fair test, I only had four days to study - I think I did well enough to pass, Wasn't as vague as the questions up in the NYPD Sgt's exam.


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            Was it all multiple choice or some matching? I am taking in February 26 in Tallahassee.


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              200 Questions .... 10 were " Experimental questions " and didn't count if you got them wrong, but do count if you get them right.

              All multiple choice ....... Pretty fair ....
              I haven't studied for an exam in 13 years, I stayed in a motel for three days prior and studied about 6-8 hours a day ..... I got an 85% -- you need an 80 to pass.
              Originally posted by herd73 View Post
              Was it all multiple choice or some matching? I am taking in February 26 in Tallahassee.


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                I dont remember getting a percentage on my results....just pass or fail. That is what we were briefed as well, that there would be no percentages. I wonder if this has changed recently.


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                  you're absolutely right, you only receive a pass or fail. I had called up the testing center to find out how I obtain the hard copy of my certificate and the woman on the phone provide me with my actual number grade. I was curious how well I had actually done
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