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  • Job while waiting?

    Hello all, i will soon be finishing the academy(self sponsored) and will not have a job upon completion. While trying to get on to a department, i will need some type of filler job. I have considered doing loss prevention or security. Any advice or know of some other filler job that is better than the two i have stated?

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    it's good to see you're preparing yourself. The two options you gave are good choices. Basically, i think anything dealing with the public and/or people is good. I had a friend who did substitute teaching and was a lifeguard while he waited for a dept to hire him. Hope for the best


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      Stay Busy!

      "What have you done to prepare for this position?" is one of the questions the oral board will likely ask. Also, showing that you kept busy (volunteer work, education) reflects better than having to include "periods of unemployment" as it is referred to in the job application.

      Times are tough, you may not find work between now and when you are hired and the average processing time around here is 3-6 months. Many places know you are going to bail as soon as a PD opening becomes available to you. I was unemployed for 4 months prior to being sworn in at my current job and it came up during my oral board. I told the group of Sgt's and above I had taken up boxing and dropped 3 belt sizes. Doesn't seem like much, but they were impressed concerning the combatives experience. My wife (also sworn with a different agency) volunteered at some local nursing homes and worked with troubled youth as a mentor in addition to boxing. She got to drop all of that at her oral board and was golden.

      I didn't expect it, but it seems administrators (especially those geared towards training) get all warm and fuzzy about the boxing (IMHO). I guess they like knowing their prospective officers can fight. Take it one step further and get your amateur boxing certificate from USA Boxing, that way you will have documentation to back up your statement and fluff your application.
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        Originally posted by Richb353 View Post
        My wife (also sworn with a different agency) volunteered at some local nursing homes and worked with troubled youth as a mentor in addition to boxing.
        Sounds like a boxing gym I know near Ocoee, Angels Caring Eyes


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          I work for brinks. I transport money to the banks. it's not security like G4S per say, but I think it looks great on a resume. it's a decent application process to get through (interview, poly, background, drug - in that order) and takes about a month or so.

          you'll get used to carrying a weapon and wearing a ballistic vest, and be responsible for ALOT of money. you might even guard the money with a shotgun. I don't know too many jobs that will let you carry a shotgun with you to work.

          and it looks good in a resume when you are given responsibility for 10s of millions of dollars.

          consider that.


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            My suggestion

            I would suggest getting any job you qualify for that you would enjoy. Be responsible: don't get any write ups, suspensions, etc. and be leader. I would highly suggest not telling any soon to be employer of your law enforcement dreams. You never know if/or when your going to get hired(if you do) into LEO.
            C.O.P is key.


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