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Chipola College EOT Class. Thoughts?


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  • Chipola College EOT Class. Thoughts?

    Alright folks. I’ve done a little research from prior posts, but I’d like to get some feedback that’s a little more recent.

    I’m looking at participating the EOT class at Chipola in June or July. I’ve noticed that this is BY FAR the cheapest class in FL and it’s only 40 hours instead of 80 like most other schools. Is the certification garnered here different than other schools? If I complete it and then take the state exam could I be turned away from a department because I didn’t complete an 80 hr course? I’m curious about the difference between this school and others; besides the price.

    For any that have done EOT at this location, do you need to bring anything in particular with you? Gun? Duty belt? Are there particular uniforms required?

    Anything I need to know about the place or better yet, **ANY REASON NOT TO GO HERE FOR EOT?**

    Thanks for the help.

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    Go there. It's a blast. Dont show up with anything other than your 76, a pocket full of cash and a brown bagged lunch. You'll meet great people. The school is a walk in the park. Most agencies should understand that it's not always the easiest to burn 2 or 3 weeks of vacation time so take what you can get.

    No uniforms, just jeans and a t-shirt. No shorts and sandals. They'll provide you with everything you'll need, except food and housing.

    Do it. It's really cake and you'll be glad when you get it behind you.


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      When it's all done you get a piece of paper that allows you to take the state exam No matter if it's 1 week 2 weeks or 6 months. I have never had anyone question where I went but only if I pass the State exam (meaning your certified)


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        Copy. Thanks all. Signing up on Monday.


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          Make sure you bring that bagged lunch. On EVOC days your stranded at the range and it takes about 15 minutes to get to civilization. Have fun


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            Ditto what everyone else has said. Most important info about the area though is it is partially dry, no hard liquor. So bring your own with you if that is your drink of choice.


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              Tac if you go keep us posted, depending on how my trip down to Fla goes in 2 weeks with a certain agency I may be heading there myself for the November class...
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