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Orange County or Lee County?


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  • Orange County or Lee County?

    Alright folks, I've posted a few questions about OCSO before but here's a new one; besides the Orlando area, a new opportunity has opened in the Ft. Myers area for the wife's job and we're considering relocating. Here's the question--if you had it to do over again, would you choose to work in the Orlando area (OCSO or OPD) or Lee County SO or Ft Myers PD? and Why? Not looking to troll, just trying to get an honest, first-hand opinion.

    Secondly, if you work for LCSO, would you mind helpin' a brother out and PM'ing me and letting me pick your brain a bit?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't think FMPD, CCPD, LCSO are hiring right now :-\. I don't even think they are hiring for police reserves right now.

    Exam: 2311 Passed:9X.XX%
    Medical: TBD
    Psych Exam: TBD
    Oral Psych: TBD
    Meet BI: TBD
    JST: TBD
    Mini-Medical: TBD


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      LCSO hires their own CO's to promote to Road Deputies. FMPD is about to have another hiring wave so get your app over there ASAP. CCPD just did some hiring two of which were friends of mine from my academy class. I'm currently trying to get hired myself so this is how I know. I recently graduated from the Ft Myers academy for LEO & CO and have had instructors from both FMPD and LCSO.


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        You know if you can go straight to the road if you have prior experience?


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          If you're asking about working the jail prior to going on the road, it's probably a fat no. Corrections and law enforcement are two different certifications down here brother. I'm sure they'd put you through some kind of agency orientation, probably around 6 weeks and then you'd starrt FTO.

          If I could do it over, I'd end up right where I'am but I would definitely go the Lee County route. Orlando traffic is a nightmare and a cess pool, not to mention you'd make way more money down south vs in Orlando or Orange Couny.

          I looked at Lee County about 4 years ago, prior to me moving down here and the recruiter was teling me they'd start me off with $2k on top of the salary for each year I had. Kinda hard to beat that. I personally would look at LCSO before Ft Meyers. But I wear green so I may be leaning a bit toward the county, vs my brothers in blue who work cities.


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