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What's the deal with the CJBAT


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  • What's the deal with the CJBAT

    So I'm noticing more agencies are basing the CJBAT score for ranking, wha's up with that? I thought this test didn't really have an input on your ranking.

    Last year I went through FT. Lauderdale process and the BI told me my low cjbat affected me and not having degree or military experience.

    So I took my CJBAT again but I still can't get over 90+, I got an 85 which is what Davie required and college degree which I got this past December. I'm waiting on them still.

    I just called Hallandale Beach to find out if they received my application, and the recruiter was nice and asked me what was my CJBAT score, I told him an 85 and he said that would put me down in the 30's. He told me because they were "civil service" so what does that really mean?

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    Many departments, especially up north, are civil service. It basically boils down to a ranking system derived from your scores. It's a points system. It's meant to take the favoritism out of the hiring process.

    You get x points for cjbat, x points for your degree, x points for military service, x points for certification, x points for PAT, x points for Oral Board, etc.

    You take all your points, add them up and you get your total score. The higher your score, the higher you rank, the sooner you get a shot at a job. It's simply a numerical representation of your suitability for the job.

    You really need to try and get a higher score... especially if you're trying to get sponsored. I got 101/104 for a 97%. I have a degree and military service. I'm struggling to even get looked at and I'm self sponsoring through the academy. It may be that you're just not a great test taker or that this type of test is hard for you. Study some, look online for practice tests, hit up your local barns and noble for a study book. Whatever you can do. If you're trying to get on with departments that rank you by your CJBAT score, then you definitely want to be as high as you possibly can on that list.

    Good luck.
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