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Situation and Related Statute Questions


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  • joeschmoe
    The tag frame may be shaky to initiate a stop. It appears that case law has struck it down a few times, not sure if it went to an appellate and became statewide.


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  • Department 30
    started a topic Situation and Related Statute Questions

    Situation and Related Statute Questions

    Hey guys,

    I have a couple statute/situation questions. Sadly I don't have Lexus Nexus were you can search the statute book by keyword.

    1. I understand that it is illegal to record an officer's "voice" and that it is arrestable. Anybody know the statute and care to elaborate? Our instructor said there was Florida case law on this when he explained it.

    2. Obscure tag. I suppose this is in 316 somewhere. We were told that this could include license plate frames i.e those frames that dealers put around the license plate with the name of the dealership, phone number, etc. Is this accurate?

    3. What specific citations/charges can one issue to a driver refusing to terminate a phone conversation while engaged on a traffic stop and you choosing to end their conversation for them for safety reasons. Can this constitute obstruction of your investigation? What type of verbiage do you use in your report? How about people that leave the phone on but in their lap so the other party can hear what's going on?

    Thanks in advance guys. I'm starting to compile information on these type of "weird" (there must be a better word) arrestable offenses and un-common PC for vehicle stops that might come in handy to know about once I hit the streets. Feel free to share other situations and related statutes that might be helpful.

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