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Acadmines that do PT/DT in a block?


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  • Acadmines that do PT/DT in a block?

    I'm not sure how true this is or not, but I've heard that there are some academies in FL that do the PT/DT in a two week block instead of during the whole program. Does anyone know who does this? Thanks

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    I'm not sure about PT, but many academies do the high liabilities such as DT, Firearms, Vehicle Ops, and CPR in just two weeks.


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      We have PT throughout the entire academy, not only during two weeks. Anywhere from 2-3 hours a day.

      We completed out DT in a little over 2 weeks. We would start with an hour of PT, then do DT, then go to lunch, then do an hour of PT, then more DT... Up and running for 10 hours a day plus you had to learn the book stuff when you went home. It was mentally and physically draining. Tolerable and, now that it's over, almost fun... but it took a toll on almost everyone. We lost a couple people to injuries as well from going that hard for that long.

      We still do PT. We have 2 hours a day this week and three hours for one day. I think the requirement is 60 hours of PT. We're doing more than that.
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        PT after lunch


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          I recently graduated from the Ft Myers Academy. I had PT 4 mornings a week for the duration of the academy.. well except during the firearms block and the traffic stops block. This was because both blocks were from 1-10 pm. The one day a week we did not have PT, we had Drill & Ceremony instead. We had DT one day a week for 12 weeks.


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            I don't know of any academies in the state of Florida that do the 40 hours of mandatory PT training all at one time. That kind of goes against what the entire block was designed for in the first place. Almost every Academy that I deal with, which is all of them, spread the PT blocks throughout the entire Academy.
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