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  • Texas LEO in Florida

    I will be traveling to Florida in a few weeks for a mini vacation. While there, I am meeting up with my brother-in-law for the weekend after he completes SAR school in Pensacola.

    While on base, what to do with my weapon? I've found a few numbers for the base but all seem to be dead-ends with no one being able to provide me with useful information. Will I be good to go concealed on my person or stowed in my vehicle?

    I'll be the first to admit that I gave up searching for answers after about 5 minutes.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

    -posted on Military LEO forum as well

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    What kind of agency do you work for? Are you active duty or DoD?

    If you're DoD, I wouldn't get caught carrying a weapon concealed. That'll land you in the big house down here.

    On edit: If you work outside the wire, you're good to go.
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      No, you can not carry your weapon on post. When you get to the gate, stop at the provost office to get your pass and let them know you're an officer and have a weapon. They will take it and hold it for you. You can get it from them when you leave base.
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        might as well leave it home. LEO can't carry on base unless on official business


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          Thanks for the replies. Leaving my weapon at home is not an option as we will be driving from Texas to Florida. Armydiver's suggestion is what I was hoping to hear. We will only be on the base long enough to pick him up and drop him off. If they afford people the opportunity to secure it with them, that works for me.

          Thanks again.


          Unit453, I am a municipal cop in Texas.
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