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Failed Psych with Stillman, PASSED with Stolk.


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  • Failed Psych with Stillman, PASSED with Stolk.

    This is so ridiculous. I took the psych with Dr. Stillman for Coral Springs P.D., and was given a not recommended. Two weeks later Sunrise attempted to send me back to the same doctor, but Stillman disqualified me over the phone. Then Pembroke Pines P.D. sent me to Dr. Stillman two months later, and I was given a not recommended AGAIN. Two weeks after my final appointment with Dr. Stillman I went to go to see Dr. Stolk for BSO (reserve). Today I was notified that I passed. What the crap... I didn't change anything from the two appointments, I answered everything the same. I'm happy I passed, but it's a reserve position and it would have been a whole lot better if Dr. Stillman would have passed me.

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    Did they tell you why they were failing you? I'm just curious because I just took my first psych for FHP and to be honest I felt the test was a little ridicules, I got the impression that you would have to be legally insane to fail after reading all of them questions.
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      Alot of it is personailty with the examier. They say it's not..but it is..
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