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***HSCO Psychological Examination***


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  • ***HSCO Psychological Examination***

    what is the best way to pass this?

    I took this test last year and the guy told me that i had to many fears. I taught by me just coming back from Iraq maybe he would take that in his judgement. But i am going threw the process again and just need some good info on the test.

    Hey yall leave me any kind of info that will help!

    Give me your input on taking the test and how u felt about the questions the asked you.
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      I dont know if Hillsborough ask different questions than the other departments do. I passed one so far and have to take another. I think the only best way to pass it is to be reasonably enough mentally stable and consistent with the answers. If inconsistency shows up on your responses, then the ability to articulate what was meant to the Dr. your confusion with the questions. I had one red flag on the one I passed and really it was just a silly question that was open to interpretation. I clarified it and then we moved on. Hopefully others will give you other suggestions.
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        Originally posted by mike0731
        what is the best way to pass this?
        Be yourself. Don't try to answer the test questions the way you think you should answer them or tell him what you think he wants to hear, or else he'll DQ you for appearing to be evasive or deceptive.

        All the agencies in the county (except USFPD) use the same psychologist for their psych exams. I've heard of applicants failing the exam at one agency and then passing it at another. I've also heard of applicants failing the exam for a full-time position but passing it for a reserve position. Bottom line? There's no set way to pass the test.


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          be honest...that usually works in america...unless you are on Capitol Hill...


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