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State Exam changes?


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  • State Exam changes?

    I am currently attending the academy. So far, the tests have been pretty easy but I do have a couple questions about the state board test. One of my friends went through several years ago and told me he had several thick binders of coursework, where we have 2 books (3 if you include the FS book). He said that most of the state test questions had something to do with "Given a statement about Police Work, define which is most accurate" or something like "Give the most likely outcome"......He said they were extremely difficult and he didnt think he passed (Which he actually did) Does the "new" test have questions like that or are they like the questions in the academy? Also, Are the state questions taken directly from the goals/objectives/vocab?

    I understand if nobody can answer these questions due to policy/ethics/ect! Thanks!

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    The tests you're taking in the academy are stupid tests full of grammatical errors and confusing answers that were done by community college students that FDLE approved of (without actually reading the things)

    The state test was made up by actual Law Enforcement people, and the questions are clear, concise, and the answers all make sense.

    If you can pass the academy tests, you can pass the state exam.


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      Thanks Soldier. I kinda noticed the spelling errors to. How long is the test? I heard it was like 250 questions but 50 didnt count but they wouldnt tell you which ones didnt count. I am hoping we dont have any "Must accurate/Most likely outcome" questions on the test.


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