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    When they say no tobacco products for the Sheriffs office, do they mean for those who smoke all the time? The reason I ask is I've smoke my first black and mild pipe tobacco cigars last week, and I've never smoked before. It was while I was inebriated. Does this mean I have to wait 6 months to apply? I was thinking of going Pinellas. Are they going to make a big deal out of it? Thanks

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    Most departments mean people who regularly use them, IE: everyday. When it comes time for the polygraph if they ask, just be upfront. I doubt you'll get DQed because of it.


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      I know some agencies who require you that you cannot have used any tobacco products in the past year prior to applying. I've also heard that some agencies will even give you a "nicotine test" as a part of their drug screen.


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        If you have used tobacco in the past year, you will be a no go for my department. Many people at the department got grandfathered in, but they don't hire smokers anymore.


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          Is it because of the cost of Insurance for the department? (for a smoker vs non smoker) I am assuming that it is a big part of it. My company (non Leo) will not hire a smoker due to the premiums. (This of course is never mentioned)

          They ask on the application, and they just eliminate them out of the hiring pool.

          I'm not saying I agree with this (my company) but it is done to save the company hundred of thousands in additional premiums.
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