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Starting a LLC but dont want my address Public Record


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  • Starting a LLC but dont want my address Public Record

    I wanted to see if any other LEOs have started a side business and found a way to register your LLC without putting your home address.

    I have been running a website for years as a sole proprietorship and it has been making a good amount of side cash. I want to file an LLC to protect my personal assets.

    The issue is that all LLC's can be looked up by name on the states website (, I do not want to file my address on the LLC. I have a PO Box but you can not use a PO Box as your principle address. This business is a home business (online) so that would mean I would need to put my home address. Ch 119 does not seem to applicable on a LLC from what I can see. Anyone have an ideas on how I could register without actually giving away my address?
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    I am not sure what Ch119 means. But you can try a virtual office space who will act as your physical location(the LLC requirement) but you would have to pay a small fee per month. They exist all over florida but you can try other states.
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      I once had a business and used one of those mailboxes places for my mail. It allowed to have an actual address and not a P.O. Box like you get when you use the actual post office.

      Another alternative is to use a lawyer to setup you LLC and use their address. You can still use the P.O.Box for your business but when your company is looked up, it shows the lawyers address.
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        If you're wanting to get your name off the web, and don't want it connected to you website, make sure you register the domain name privately.


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          Use a registered agent instead of yourself (could be an attorney, but doesn't have to be). This would ensure that your registered agent's address is published instead of yours.


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