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Question: Impasse between sheriff & deputies union?


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  • Question: Impasse between sheriff & deputies union?

    This is a cut-and-paste from another website that leads to a question:

    Originally posted by bad faith clause
    Originally posted by PERC
    If we can't agree with the sheriff on a contract, then who is the final arbitrator? What does PERC say?
    As you probably already know, it was illegal for deputy sheriffs to unionize in Florida until the 21st Century, so that should give you an idea of the mentality that we're up against. ILLEGAL!!!!! :roll:

    In Florida, the facts are still evolving. The Florida Sheriffs' Association (FSA) is arguing that the sheriffs' are the final arbitrators, but that's ridiculous. If party X can't agree with party Y, then neither party can be the final arbitrator! At least that's common sense, right???? But that isn't what we're dealing with! Unbelievable!!! Remember, the FSA continued arguing that it was illegal for deputies to unionize -- until the Florida Supreme Court had to intervene and ruled against the FSA. Unbelievable!!! :mrgreen:

    I'm not gonna give all the facts of the case here because it's too much and it needs to go through the proper channels, but within the last year, a case similar to Sarasota's was heard in Pasco County where the Pasco sheriff claimed that he was the "final arbitrator" when he couldn't agree with his deputies union. Nonesense!!! :roll: The judicial hearing officer ruled against the Pasco sheriff and told him that he is NOT the final arbitrator. Furthermore, he ruled that the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners is the appropriate legislative body to resolve the sheriff's impasse. Even the courts can see through this FSA nonesense!!! Unbelievable!!!! You can read part of the Pasco case here:

    The Clay County Sheriff is also battling it out with his Deputies Union by trying to chum the waters with more nonesense that the courts see through:

    It's common sense folks: If party X (the sheriff) disagrees with party Y (the union), then party X can't just throw everything off the table and declare himself to be the final arbitrator (or king)! :roll:

    In the future, the Sarasota Board of County Commissioners may be given an opportunity to have some input in what happens at the Sarasota Sheriff's Office if there is an impasse. 8)

    The sheriff is NOT the final arbitrator.
    Does anyone know who the final arbitrator is for a Florida sheriff's office when there is an impasse between a sheriff and a deputies union? Any advice is appreciated.

    The cut-and-paste is from here (scroll down a little over halfway).

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    Sheriff has final say, I don't even go to the union meetings because its just pointless. I like my job and I'll weather out the curent admin till the next group comes. During my tour of duty I've been trough 3 sheriffs and each one has his or her own project. I was there during the last sheriff and I will be there past the next.
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      Where do you guys get the information that the Sheriff is the final arbitrator?

      Show me in state statute 447.403 where it says that.
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