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Off-Duty Deputy Pulls Driver From Flaming Car


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  • Off-Duty Deputy Pulls Driver From Flaming Car

    Just want to say great job to this deputy...Very seldom do we get positive reinforcement from the media. Especially

    Off-Duty Deputy Pulls Driver From Flaming Car

    Posted: 4:44 pm EDT August 26, 2009Updated: 6:41 pm EDT August 26, 2009
    MARION COUNTY, Fla. -- A Marion County woman says she owes her life to a rookie deputy. The deputy was off-duty Tuesday night when he saw a car flipped over and burning and that's when he jumped into action.

    The road was slick and Deputy Jonah Music and his fiancée were travelling down Southeast 36th Avenue when they noticed a car down in the ditch; it was already on fire.

    "She couldn't get out. She kept screaming, Help me,'" Music said.

    Before Deputy Music arrived on Southeast 36th Avenue, the woman was already trapped inside the burning Saturn.

    "You just react when you see something. That's what you do and I'd do it on duty or off duty," Music said.

    Kathleen Powell, 32, told Deputy Music she was trying to avoid hitting a dog when she lost control of her vehicle. The car flipped, trapping her inside. She had no idea her car was on fire.

    Music got her to the backseat and pulled her out within minutes as the car was consumed by flames.

    "She just kept saying, 'Thank you,'" Music said.

    Music, who's only been on the job seven months, said he's no hero, but Powell's family would say otherwise.

    "It sends chills through me. I know if that man, that person hadn't come she'd be dead," said Kathleen's mom, Gail Powell.

    "I'm hoping, if somebody else was the first to come by, they'd do the same," Deputy Music said.

    Kathleen Powell was bumped and bruised. She also suffered a concussion. But her family said she'll be just fine and she wants to thank Deputy Music in person when she gets the chance.
    "If I won the lottery, I'd buy myself a police department. I'd hire all my buddies and we'd all drive Corvette patrol cars and sit around the doughnut shop I would own. Whenever someone would come in and say "I guess this my tax dollars at work", I would tell him to get the hell out my doughnut shop, then we'd all laugh and try to figure out what to do next."

    --Quote taken from User "kcso"....hope you don't mind buddy, but this was just too funny not to steal from you....I'm still laughing.--

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