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Possibly Moving To Ft. Lauderdale


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  • Possibly Moving To Ft. Lauderdale

    I am considering trying to relocate to Ft. Laurderdale as a lateral transfer.

    I was wondering if there is anyone else out there that has transfered to Ft. Laurderdale and how do you like working for the department and how do you like living in Fort Laurderdale.

    I am also wondering what the conditions are for being able to have a take home car.

    Any information that anyone has would be greatly appreicated.

    Best Safe out there!


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    First of all, when you come from another state, and it matters not what state you come from, its not a transfer. You're starting over at day 1 as a recruit with most agencies.

    You're gonna be lumped in with guys who just got out of the academy and 20 year vets. Some people will treat you much differently than a kid right out of the academy and supervisors are more lenient with you but you're still a day 1 recruit. Trust me, I did it, but it wasn't with Ft Lauderdale.

    Do you have family down here? Are you currently Florida certified?


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      I am a certified officer in the Michigan.

      I do not have any family in FL. However, my parents winter in Orlando and work at Disney World. I have other family that have wintered in Bocca, but are full-time MI residents, again, because of grand kids.

      In Fort Lauderdale, they do accept laterals and you just go through a 2 week academy.

      I lived in Jacksonville many years ago, but I was in the corporate world at that time, but it was only for 6 months.

      I am trying to gather more information to make my decision eaiser.

      Thanks for your help!


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        Not LE myself snow guy but HCSO, And TPD from what I am told here in Tampa love Lateral's. ESPECIALLY TPD, I would chat with southflaguy and some others that work at these agencies in Tampa. Just a thought since you said you were weighing your options.

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