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  • Hillsborough County Sheriff Question

    How does the work schedule go?
    It says "Deputies work 12-hour shifts and a 42-hour week. The shifts consist of a long week of 60 hours and a short week consisting of 24 hours." I am confused. 42 hour week at 12 hours equals 3 days and 6 hours of work. Then it says a 60 hour week which is 5 days at 12 hours. Then you work 2 days at 12 hours? Huh? And it says that every other weekend is a 3 day weekend?

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    I'm not sure how their 12s work, but a lot of the agencies on 12 hr shifts do it like this:

    M - 12 ::: M - OFF
    T - 12 ::: T - OFF
    W- OFF ::: W - 12
    T - OFF ::: T - 12
    F - 12 ::: F - OFF
    S - 12 ::: S - OFF
    S - 12 ::: S - OFF

    basically, every other weekend off.
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      Here's how it goes: 2 days on; 2 days off; 3 days on; 3 days off with every workday being a 12 hour shift. For example let's say you start on a Monday. You work Monday and Tuesday. You're off on Wednesday and Thursday. You work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (This is the 60 hour long week). Then you're off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then you work Thursday and Friday. Then you're off Saturday and Sunday. (This is the 24 hour long week). Feel free to PM for more info about the Sheriff's Office.


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        Patrick you are close but off on the days we work.

        Long week:
        mon tues fri sat sun

        Short week
        wends thurs.

        The shifts are broken up between a few shifts 0600-1800, 0700-1900 and soon 1500- 0300. Night shift includes 1800- 0600 along with 1900- 0700


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          Patrick or Depdog do either one of you work for the HCSO? I do have a few questions actually. Please let me know.

          Thanks, Ron


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            Yes I work for HCSO.


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              The schedule is sweet.


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