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  • Info on Seminole S.O.

    I am looking to find out info on SCSO from any veteran deputies. I am currently with a small/medium size city in Central Florida with 10 plus years on. I am considering applying and taking the pay cut (it looks as if SCSO pays for years on more so than other agencies). Any info would be great! (off duty availability, morale, lateral transfer potential, etc.).

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    First of all, I don't work there, but I do work side by side with deputies usually on at least 1 call every night.

    There is off duty, but it's definitely not as prevalent as other departments such as Orange County and OPD, and not probably not even as prevalent as other smaller municipalities (my department only had 5 details, that's about 20-25 dates a month split up between 60 officers, of which less than 20 do details). I really don't know how their system works so I couldn't tell you how much of a chance a new guy has at getting some off duty work.

    They do have several different units (Range & Water, flight ops, narcotics & vice, motors, aggressive driving enforcement, general investigators as well as crime specific investigators, auto theft, juvenile, court house, and a few others). If you're a go getter and have specific experience (or just plain talent) at one thing or another, you have a decent chance at eventually getting into what you want. With that said, don't expect to work a year on patrol for a year, then switch to a different assignment every 2 years for the rest of your career, never going back to patrol.

    Morale is pretty good, like every where else there are those that love it and would never leave and those that hate it and want to leave yesterday.

    All in all it's a great department, and with one or two exceptions they have a great working relationship with everyone else in the county. I would definitely never advise anyone against working there, and I'm still trying to decide rather I go for there or OCSO when my time comes to leave where I am now in the next couple of years (a DUI unit sure would help my decision ~cough~ hint hint ~cought~), and coming from 12 years where you are now I think you'd definitely be a shoe in and you'd definitely like working there.

    There's a couple supervisors and either official or unofficial recruiters that are on here from time to time that can give you some more.


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      talk with PB3021, I believe he is a recruiter for Seminole County


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        The good thing about Seminole is they will give you 2% for every year of experience you have ontop of the starting salary up to 5 years or something.


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          PM sent to ya...


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