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Looking for Employment - All help appreciated!


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  • Looking for Employment - All help appreciated!

    Hey Officers and Fellow Hopefuls,

    I'm officially 19 years of age, since Friday, and am now on a spree for applying for Police Departments in the State of Florida. I'm nearing the completion of an Associates Degree, and am very interested in becoming a Police Officer as well. I'll relocate anywhere in Florida.

    Does anyone here know of any police departments currently recruiting non-certified police officers? I'm just looking for an accurate list, so I can email and contact recruiting officers for more information.

    Thanks in advance for all replies, and I appreciate your help.

    - Gringe

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    Fort Myers Police Dept is, however I think you need to be the age of 21...

    yep I just verified it

    Each applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

    Be at least 21 years of age and a citizen of the United States.
    Not have been convicted of any felony or of a misdemeanor involving perjury or a false statement, or have received a dishonorable discharge from any of the United States Armed Forces. Additional restrictions apply to no contest pleas in criminal cases.
    Pass a departmental physical based upon the standards defined by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.
    Have good moral character as determined by a background investigation.
    Complete a basic recruit training program.
    Achieve an acceptable score on officer certification examination.
    Have processed fingerprints on file with the department.
    Submit an affidavit attesting to the compliance of the above standards.
    A two-year college degree is preferred.
    Fulfillment of these qualifications only means that the applicant has earned the ability to submit an application. The candidates who best suit the needs of the department and the city will be selected for probationary employment on a case-by-case basis.

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      I don't think at 19 you can get hired anywhere man :\


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        FHP will hire at 19. I think Miami-Dade PD will too, although with Miami-Dade PD you'll be in your early to mid 20's by the time they get you into an Academy.
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          ^^ lol 561 post.

          Can you patrol or anything at 19?


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            I think FHP and some Sheriff's departments will hire at 19.


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              Yeah man, Florida Dept of Law Enforcement minimum age standards for a Police Officer in the State of Florida is 19 years of age.


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                Why is it the California guy has the link to the Florida job listings and the Florida guys don't?

                For current Florida vacancies check out http://www.fpca.com/fpcajobsregionallists.htm
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                  L-1 you're everywhere man!
                  It is Attitude, not circumstance, that makes Success possible even in the most unlikely conditions.


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                    This is what happens when you're retired and have way more free time on your hands than is healthy.
                    Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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                      FDLE publishes a Criminal Justice Agency Profile (CJAP) that has a list of all law enforcement agencies and their requirements, benifits, equipment and other information like that. The 2008 CJAP obviously has not been published so only the 2007 is available so they may have changed but it should give you a good idea. Police Departements is the 1st link and sheriffs offices is the second and state agencies are third. Good Luck





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                        Yes you can get hired, go through the academy, and patrol solo when you are 19. I did it, but be prepaired for everyyyyyyyyyy age joke you can think of(they are just jealous). With the way agencies are today you are better off paying yourself through a academy where you live and trying to get hired already certified. If you really want to get hired and sponsored then south florida is the best bet for you(we are hurting really bad and the academy doesn't even take you unless you are sponsored).


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                          SPPD hires at 19 and they sponsor.


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                            Marion County is on a mad hiring spree, good place to work and will take deputys at 19. They are filling positions really fast, three guys I know just got on there in the last 2 weeks.

                            I see your in Gainesville. I know for a fact Highsprings PD, Gilchrist county, Ocala PD, and Marion county will hire at 19.
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