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    Originally posted by enisei View Post
    Congratz! Have you decided where you want to apply yet?
    I'm sticking with Broward County since Miami and Dade aren't taking applications anymore. As soon as I have my scores in hand, I'll make my final call on who's going to get it. Being that I am in NJ, I decided on a specific strategy. I'm only sending an application initially to my number one department. Reason being that if I send to more than one, and my number 3 agency responds BEFORE my number 1, I'm going to have to travel down there and take time off work possibly twice, which could be a problem for me both vacation wise and financially.

    On the other hand, if I send to my number 1 and work through the process, only 2 things can happen:

    a. I pass everything and get in
    b. I fail something, which will serve as a learning experience, I'll correct whatever the issue is, and then I'll try again with my number 2 (or maybe even number 1 again.)



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      Previous OH2FL boy here

      I've been AWAY too long from the board.

      The Florida LEO experience is amazing. I came from Ohio LEO and it's an eye opener. Every day is - a blessing.

      Don't LIMIT yourself to one county. and I wouldn't wait on one department IF you're in any sort of hurry to do it.

      As some others have found - as I have in my trek from 2003 - 2006, 'the more stuff you throw against the wall, the better something is bound to stick'.

      If you get onto a department down here, give it an honest 2, 3 - 4 years. You will really start to gather intel and decide what is best for you and family.

      I made the move to work as a Security Officer in a detail that paid as much any northern Forida PD (not southern). Fiancee worked, making more than I for a time (closer now, but she still noses ahead ... for another 11 days).

      I applied to a few PD's at first, then I filed one with anyone who'd take the paper.
      I was rejected by the best and the worse. Didn't matter. Made for a nice portfolio to remind me of the dedication.
      I became proficient with the PAT tests, CJBAT was good at BCC and more.

      I was hired by a small department in northern Palm Beach County (09/2006). It's the best thing that has happened in my life.

      I'm beginning my 3rd year this week, making more than I did with 15 years on in Ohio.

      What I've been blessed with is meeting some members of other departments and having support as I applied to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

      I am through the selection process, now in the hiring pool. (IT TOOK 7 MONTHS and really, it's STILL NOT DONE)
      The next hire cycle is in October.
      My co-workers all know of my intentions of taking the deputy position once it comes around. They are all supportive - well, most.

      Starting with an agency like PBSO, at 48 years of age, is great.
      After the first years probation, there are SO MANY divisions to consider and apply to. Motors, Traffic, DUI - even an I-95 Aggressive Driving squad - Hemi Chargers and more. SWAT, Street Teams, Gangs, Mounted, Air, Marine with Scuba.... Then in the later years, Parks, Wildlife, Court Services, Airport....

      Now that is an agency to die for and live in!!

      Don't WAIT for anything!

      In YOUR favor ~ Being from Jersey and applying on the east coast. It has the most concentration of New Yorkers, Philly, Jersey ..... It's a hard place to be as an Ohioan. ... ah, FORMER Ohioan.

      Be cool. Be patient. Be serious. You have only ONE TIME to make an impression.

      Consider how many applications an agency gets when they advertise for 5 openings.... you are black ink on white paper until the first time they meet you.

      Be sure your suit is fitted and pressed.
      Keep the funny remarks and jokes at your friends house or motel.
      If you have someone in the area who you know, ask if you can stay THERE while HERE to test and apply. It's easier, and more comforting to have a peaceful, restful place to be in your down time. Good or bad.

      I've had a lot of guys come through our home while here, to stay, shower, shave and prep. So, plan ahead.
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