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Anybody BSO or going BSO? Broward


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  • Anybody BSO or going BSO? Broward

    Anybody BSO or going BSO? (Broward)
    I just recently applied to BSO, and was scheduled my oral board in October! Previously I was a P.O. for a small dept. in Palm Beach county.....and have 2 classes left before I get my B.A. in Criminal Justice. (yay!)
    Heres my 2 questions.....Will it be difficult to transition from a "plain talk" agency to a "10 code" agency?
    And 2nd question.......How do you guys/gals like working in Broward? Any heads up I should know about?
    Thanks for your time!

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    The talk is just something you will pick up on. Study with flash cards a bit, and you will pick it up soon enough once you start listening to the radio and talking. Mostly use the same handful of codes. I won't lie, still use the cheat sheet once and a while.

    I like it, but ask 10 people and you will get 10 totally different answers. Its what YOU make of it, and most people don't get that. Well that's my 2 cents

    Good Luck


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      I agree it is really what you make it to be working here. Hard work does get recognized and it is easy to see the slackers. It also depends on what district you get sent too, some are slower(Weston, SW Ranches) and some are busy and violent (Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach).


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        Well thanks for ur .02 LEO_07, ya that makes sense. I guess my biggest fear is saying something common in my old dept. on the radio, and then getting a whole lot of silence back on the radio at a different agency lol. O well atleast i'll prolly keep an fto entertained


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          Pete12, ya thats pretty much my reasoning to go BSO. My former dept. had little to no advancement or movement.....heck I even volunteered to take over a supervisory role (no extra pay) 1 month after I had finished fto lol.....needless to say i got kinda bored.
          And ya I'm pretty familiar with Pompano, used to work there...in fact one night after finishing up work, 5 min. after I left work, my boss and and a few customers were tied up and robbed at gun point. So ya that area has some problems. Oddly enough I'm kinda hoping for Deerfield, It's close to home, and I know the area well.
          Thanks for ur reply!


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