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Boca Raton vs. Coral Springs


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  • Boca Raton vs. Coral Springs

    First off, I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful posts that have provided me lots of information.

    I am a new member but have been checking the posts at Officer.com for months.

    In comparing the Boca Raton and Coral Springs police departments I notice that benefits, morale and equipment seems to be pretty much equal. I was hoping that members could let me know why they feel one department would be better to work for than the other.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Well, I don't work for either but I have lived in Boca for 8 years, and spend alot of time in Coral Springs.
    Both Departments seem very good, salary, benefits, workload.....all seem pretty similar.
    One stand out between the two dept's, is Coral springs has much higher rates of juvenile crimes. The city has a very large population of 14-24 yo's.
    Also Coral Springs requires a Bachelors degree or I beleive 4 years of Policing and school, or a combination of the two.....not sure.
    Both are very nice areas to live and work though. Good luck, hope this helps a lil'.


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      Boca Raton PD vs Coral Springs PD

      I work for neither but I have a few friends at both places. I live in C.S., and I spend a lot of time in Boca, so I know a bit about both places.
      They are for the most part very similar. Crime is very low, and you have your trends every now and then, but nothing like city of Miami, pompano, or WPB. There are a few gangsters wanna-be's in both cities, but again mainly juvenile. Coral Springs pays more, however they do require college or a combination of LEO/military and college. Boca has a marine unit, dive team, and a EOD unit. I think the dive team in CS is from the fire dept, not the police dept.
      In speaking with officers from both Dept's, I find that they are pretty happy working at their respective Dept's, just minor complaints about the political BS that goes on everywhere, even we have that at FHP.
      You cannot go wrong with either. By what I hear its pretty competitive to get on with both. Good luck!


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        Both are very good departments for sure. I can't speak for Coral Springs, but I would not charactorize crime in Boca as "very low". Yes it's no Miami, Pompano, or West Palm, but alot of places aren't and that's not a bad thing at all. The guys who work for those agencies do a good job. As far as pay goes, both agencies are paid pretty well. I think we have a slightly higher base than CS but they have shift differential pay and we do not. At the same time though we have extra pay incentives that they don't or ours in higher. So I'm sure it evens out. If you have any questions on Boca PD just PM me and I'll do my best to answer them.


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          are both hiring non-certified?


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            Yes...and both start at full officer pay while in the academy. Boca PD has just under approximately 20 openings right now.
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              I passed my Boca Oral Board Wednesday and did the B Pad, it was actually fun. From what I have heard I thought the interview would be very tough, according to people who took it, but it was rather nice and the sargeants who interviewed me were very friendly. I believe it was Srgt Smiklaus (Sp?) he was very nice along with the officer who talked to me before the B Pad, hopefully I get hired by them, seems like a great place to work!


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