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  • Need help making a decision....

    So heres the deal. Im a currently employed florida state certified corrections officer. I was with O.C.C.D (see the patch on my avatar) then left a month and a half ago for another central florida agency. Been there now since I left O.C.C.D but now things aren't panning out the way I planned. Nothing on my part, honest... bust my *** every day, been excelling in training exceptionally, etc. Thing Is i went to this agency to hopefully get on the road through them. Like i said though, isn't working out. So im think about heading back to O.C.C.D which they are more then happy to take me back. Thing is my hearts really set on being an LEO. Now I have some choices here. I can either go back to O.C.C.D, get dual certified in the crossover academy and then apply to Orange County Sheriffs/OPD, etc, or I can just stick it out a bit longer where im at then apply to Orange County sheriffs/OPD and have them put me through the entire academy again. The next Crossover coming up is in Feb. so i don't know what's the best thing to do here. Add into the mix I have a small child/wife who i support all on my own. Any advice would be great...im hoping you fellow officers can help me out.
    "If I won the lottery, I'd buy myself a police department. I'd hire all my buddies and we'd all drive Corvette patrol cars and sit around the doughnut shop I would own. Whenever someone would come in and say "I guess this my tax dollars at work", I would tell him to get the hell out my doughnut shop, then we'd all laugh and try to figure out what to do next."

    --Quote taken from User "kcso"....hope you don't mind buddy, but this was just too funny not to steal from you....I'm still laughing.--

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    Well you have to do what's in your heart, but an agency is going to like you if you're former corrections, rather it be from their county or not. This is especially true with Orange County since it's a different agency all together, and as far as I know the time you spend with Orange County Corrections doesn't carry over if you go to the SO like it would if they were part of the SO. With that said, an agency isn't going to like to see that you went somewhere for a month and a half and gave up that quickly.

    There are obviously pros and cons to both sides, and you really just have to figure out what you think A) works best for you and your family (that's the most important) and B) what will help you out more in your career.


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      Ok,donjuan..i'm gonna give you my 2 cents...
      stick with *cso and put yourself throught the crossover with them,because after you pass each class at seminole c.c you will get reimbursed your money..now if you return to OCCD you will not start at you last rate and you will be on probation all over again,plus like someone else said, it won't look good on your application to a PD or SO and you will have to explain with details why you returned to OCCD. I now where you are working now is not as easy as everyone paints it to be,but stick it out, i guess they forgot to mention to you that you will have to jto again and serve at least a year inside before you could "think" about the road??
      In the long run is what makes you happy,alot of people leave OCCD thinking that the grass is greener in the other side and they hit a wall,trust me, i did.
      but if you want anymore insights just pm me.


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