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MDPD hiring freeze?


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  • MDPD hiring freeze?

    I got a letter today from MDPD saying they would not be processing any application further due to hiring restraints. This kind of sucks considering I took the psych and everything.

    Anyone have inside info on how long the freeze might be?
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    That really sucks. They should stop wearing that damn brown uniform and save money on that crazy fine they're paying for wearing it. I guess I should be waiting for my letter also.


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      As far as I was aware they continue processing people even though there is a freeze. The freeze simply meant they are not accepting any more applications. How far into the process were you? I don't see how they won't continue to process you guys. What does the BI do then as his or her job during this time? Only thing that would make sense to me is they have too many applications already and can't work on your's right now.

      I heard every thing should be going back to normal now in Oct & that they were going to start accepting applications once again then.


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        To any one that heard "rumors" of there being an October academy.. as of right now it's not happening & it doesn't look like there will be another academy this year. I spoke to the Captain of the Miami-Dade PD training bureau and that's what he told me. He said they are going to try & squeeze a class in maybe late this year (guessing Dec) but he doesn't think there's a good chance they'll be able to.


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