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HCSO Detention hiring process


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  • HCSO Detention hiring process

    Hello everyone, first post here.

    I'm thinking of applying at the Hillsborough County SO for one of their detention deputy spots and had a few questions.

    - I've heard they are really hurting for detention deputies and are trying to fill positions. Is this true or are they only hiring a few at a time?

    - How hard is the hiring process? I'm about to be 22 years old but have no college or military experience. I've never used any form of drugs and only tried cigarettes a couple times as a teen. Never arrested or charged with any crimes and only have 1 speeding ticket from about 4 years ago. I have decent credit (meaning I have a few small delinquences from last year when I lost my job, but I had a $5000 personal loan that I had perfect payment history on for 2 years) and job history, plus I have several LEOs (2 PCSO deputies and 1 PCSO detention deputy) who will gave me a very positive recommendation.

    I consider myself to be a good, moral person with strong family ties and christian beliefs. I feel I am dependable, responsible, motivated and possess good communication skills.

    Based on the above, what are my chances at getting on? Any other advice/information would be also appreciated.

    Thanks in advance everyone and stay safe!
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    If you are considering applying to HCSO you will need to go online and first submit your Civil Service app. After that is reviewed you will receive an e mail stating you need to come in for testing. You will go to the office in downtown Tampa and complete an exam that is timed for two hours. You must pass this in order to proceed any further! You will also need to take the CJBAT and have a passing score on that as well. I would also recommend that you prepare to take the TABE as well since I think that has become a requirement now. Once you have all of that done you will need to go to HCSO recruiting office and there is where you will be assigned a pin # to actually go online and complete the official sheriff's application. Once that is complete if selected you will be called in for your initial interview. This may take a few weeks so be patient). This may sound like much however it is not that bad, you could do it all in a week as I did. I keep reading that they are "short on help or desperate" Keep in mind that whatever the case may be that does not necessarily speed up the hiring processes nor do they lower hiring standards just to fill any vacancies. HCSO for our area is top notch, from the training, salary, and support you will have. Be patient, sometimes from point A to B may take five or six months. Remember this will be your professional career.


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      They do tell you on the site that the whole process can take 3 to 6 months so just stay positive - I got all my stuff done with them in a week - si like Noob says it sounds like alot but it is not. Also HCSO is a top notch dept.!
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        Jester any update on your hiring for HCSO?
        USMC-6322 Comm/Nav Tech


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          Unfortunately no. Had a few family matters come up that have sidetracked me and a possible move back to my hometown of Omaha is there as well.

          As soon as everything becomes more clear I'll make the jump.


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