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Applying with no college or military. Do I stand a chance


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  • Applying with no college or military. Do I stand a chance

    Hey guys I'm 26 and looking to switch careers to become a police officer. As the title states I have no college or past military experience. What I do have is a strong work history I went to a tech school for high school and upon graduation I started working right away as an electrician and I still presently am employed as a licensed electrician. I've been working as one for the past 8 years I'm just curious as to if I would even have a chance with out a degree. I know it also depends on a lot of other factors ( test scores, oral board, poly ect) but how important / not important is having a degree

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    It depends on the department. Some require 60 credits, others require a bachelor's degree, some will allow you to substitute military or prior law enforcement experience for education requirements. Others require no more than a high school diploma. In terms of your chances, it's pretty universal, not just exclusive to law enforcement, that the more you have on your resume, the better.
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      If you do well on the written test and your work history is solid, I couldnt understand why a department wouldnt want you. I know that it has become really competitive lately. In the recent police hiring i participated in, many of the other candidates had advanced degrees and military experience.


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