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Considering moving to CT for LEO career. Need some advice.


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  • Considering moving to CT for LEO career. Need some advice.

    Good Evening all,

    Little brief bio about me; I currently live in Florida, 22 years old and Army Veteran. I self-sponsored my way through a Law Enforcement academy(payed my own fees) and got "certified" in the State of Florida to become a LEO. My next step is basically applying at a department and getting hired. The thing is, I am not having any luck, most departments are in a hiring freeze. I was born in CT, and have a lot of family up there so I was considering moving up if I don't get lucky down here.

    I know CT has a very different process when it comes to becoming a LEO. For example, an individual cannot just apply and go through an academy and pay his own way like you can in Florida. From what I know, you have to apply directly to a department and have them hire you and send you through the academy?

    Basically in my position about being completely novice with CT, what is my first step? Are there any departments hiring? Local or State? Any advice? Thanks!

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    You may want to start here https://www.policeapp.com/ and monitor this site as well http://www.ct.gov/post/cwp/view.asp?a=2062&q=291738 for postings.
    The state of Ct has a prescribed plan that all departments must follow. Once you are hired by a department they will put you through the academy. Locals are hiring all the time but the state police just finished testing so they probably wont administer a test for at least 2 years.
    Hope this helps good luck


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