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Anybody been through the CSPD oral/BI recently?


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  • Anybody been through the CSPD oral/BI recently?

    I'd like to get some tips from those who have some advice to offer.

    I know 1) be yourself 2) be honest about EVERYTHING, etc.... but - - I'm just worried that I'll get DQed for something lame, even though I have nothing to hide. I'd be a great officer, but I need to prove that in the Oral. Plus, I'm not out to throw my name in every hat in the state of Colorado so I can't blow this chance. I live in the springs, have chosen out of everywhere in the USA to make it my home, and I want to serve my home community.

    Any advice?

    thanks friends!

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      thanks monkey. i think you're right about me being paranoid. thanks for the info and such - - i know the mayors name and some of the council members, but surely don't know where they stand on things. so that'll be something good to research. I feel like I have the rest of it down (thinking on my feet, etc.) - so thank you!


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        I did it 4 years ago and I got questions like "how do you relieve stress" and if this happened what would you do. But i've heard its since changed to a stress based oral. In any case, good luck. I would still love to work for them as I love it down there but i'm happy where i'm at now and don't forsee leaving anytime soon.


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          thank you mystikal, I appreciate your post!


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