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Mn graduate Looking for CO agencies


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  • Mn graduate Looking for CO agencies

    Because of the fierce competition in Mn for LE, sometimes 120 applicants for two postions I was thinking of moving to Colorado. I also am craving the outdoor adventure that CO has so Im wondering what would be some good agencies municiple or SO that may be good to apply at. Im Mn POST eligable but I checked with CO POST and I'd still have to go through a academy which is fine.
    It doesnt seem that too many are hiring now. Is there any that have compressed testing? or go out of state to recruite for guys like myself so I wouldnt have to make so many trips out there?
    Is there any going to be doing hiring this fall? any info on about moving out there and finding a agency would be great. Im also open to WY or Mt aswell.
    IM also a EMT and trained as a Wildland Firefighter so maybe just moving out get to a job as one of them 1st then start applying for agencies?? dunno


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    Brent -

    Unless you're hired by a larger agency which allows you to go through training (paid) then take the POST exam, you'll be paying your way through one of the local community college academies at a cost of anywhere from $3K to $5K, maybe more.

    Most smaller agencies require one to be CO POST, before you apply and test. The other frustration is that agencies who are hiring do not all advertise or list jobs on one central site. In my quest to become LE, here in CO, I got resources from O.Com, craigslist, a couple of other police sites. And the one agency I finally got on with, was just by viewing the town website on a whim.

    Let the 'net, Wikipidea, and Google be your friends on this one. Find the area you think you want to live and work, find all the local agencies and check their town websites.

    Best of luck in your search.
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      I think there are a couple of posts about who hires and either has an academy or will send you through one.

      I am sure there are more than the ones that I know will do it, but here are some that will hire you and put you through an academy (or they have their own):

      Colorado Springs
      Adams County
      Jefferson County

      There are probably a lot more, but those are the ones I know for sure.

      I would look at some old posts and call the recruiters for the individual agencies and check about the out of state process. My agency hires and sends through the academy for qualified folks, but I don't know what all they have you do.
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        If you are post then all you should have to do is take the transfer test. That will open your options up.


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