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    Hey all, I don't mean to beat on a dead horse, however I was considering lateraling over to an agency over in the Metro area from up north. I know its been a topic of discussion over the last few years, however given 2021, how are the agencies here nowadays? I saw recently, Lakewood was hiring a lateral class, and other departments such as Broomfield and Arvada have a continuing hiring application. Are there departments I should avoid? Consider? Or is there any information that would be helpful to know?


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    I would avoid any agency in Boulder County. Agencies in Arapahoe and Douglas counties have good pay and community support, in addition the DA for those areas in pro LE. Although pay is better here, we've had a significant anti LE "reform" bill that was passed last year. You might want to look at that and see if its something you're ok putting up with prior to moving to this state.


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      Avoid any agency in Colorado period.

      You're in WY, stay there
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        Are you still looking to move north? It's just stagnant where I'm at and I could use a change of scenary and politics.

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        They just tried to pass a law forbidding reporting to police certain crimes that occur on school campuses, including some types of sex assault. It narrowly failed. The are now looking at mandatory PR bonds for everything under an F3. Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota.... anywhere is better than Colorado...

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