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    I currently work with AZDPS in the controlled substance/clan lab unit of the crime lab. I am going to make the switch to sworn and want to do so in the Denver area. I am looking for advice on which departments would be good to apply to. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    depends... are you post certified? if not you will need to go through an academy to get post cert. There are a few departments in the metro area that will send you to an academy either their own or a community college. If you want one to pay for your academy your choices are pretty limited. there is Aurora, Denver, CSP, Boulder (I believe), Greenwood Village, and some of the counties will send you, they would have to let you know details about that. There are others, but I don't know of them off hand. My vote is Aurora, i am a little biases though. If you are post cert. you will be able to apply with numerous departments.

    Hope this helps


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      yep DPSChem...come to Aurora. The next basic class is scheduled for November. I know they are actively reviewing applications and such now. Check out their website and get your packet in! Basic academy is 26 weeks and then 14 weeks of field training. A little more to what Press was saying, Greenwood Village, while they WILL send you to an academy on their dime...let's just say, they would prefer a candidate already POST certified. You can also check Westminster. They would send you to the Jefferson County academy.

      Good luck in your move!


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        Counties that send you:

        El Paso

        Cities that will send you:

        Westminster (jefferson academy & i believe 60 credits)
        Arvada (jefferson academy & 4yr degree)
        Wheatridge (jefferson academy)
        Lakewood (4yr degree)
        Colorado Springs (60 credits)
        Pueblo (4yr degree)
        Greenwood Village
        Ft. Collins
        State Patrol

        Some are good and others are not. Some are tougher on PT and others not (jeffco, aurora, CSP, and denver come to mind). Do a search and youll find things discussed about most of those departments. id search and collect the links but i'm being lazy. youll find each department has a website tho.

        Another option to post certify is to go through a community college:

        Aims CC
        Pikes Peak CC
        Arapahoe CC
        Aurora CC
        Red Rocks CC
        Highlands Ranch LEFTC


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          I would try Aurora...and no bias here, I don't work for them.


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            I appreciate the quick responses and for the list of departments that will send a new hire through POST cert. as I am not currently certified. I have had some time to check out many of the departments web sites and will begin the application process tomorrow with Aurora and CSP. Thanks again for the advice.


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              NP and good luck to you


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                No prob! Good luck. Let me know if you have questions.


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                    I know that Denver, and Aurora are tough PT wise.

                    I know for a fact with Aurora, I was in better shape after the academy, than I was after Army basic training. Aurora is a military style academy IE stand at attention when addressing the training officers etc.

                    Denver, I have been told are running fools, but I dont know how they are other than that..... (second hand information)
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                      I'll give you another option. Douglas County S.O. will hire you as a Detention Specialist in the Jail. It's a uniform position but you are not a peace officer. However, after a couple years they will send you through the academy on their dime. Once you graduate, you will be commissioned as a deputy. Once commissioned/certified, you can apply to transfer to Patrol. Takes a while, of course, but wanted to make you aware of the option.


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                        State Patrol is a paramilitary academy too. We did a lot of PT, and bearing is a big part of it. They will also pay you while in the Academy. Adams County, Golden, and Castle Rock are all troops in the metro area there.


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