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  • Grd Jct/Delta/Montrose

    Does anyone here work for these three western slope agencies? Is anyone making an application for these PD's or attending a western slope academy?

    I visit this thread regularly but I find that it is oriented towards the front range and the CSP.

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    Montrose Police frequently hires along with the Sheriffs Office(Montrose County). Check out Mesa County Sheriffs Office, in Grand Junction. Grand Junction PD hires Post Certified applicants only. Eagle County hires Detention Officers as 21/hr.

    Mesa County and Montrose will pay for your certification. If you want to certify yourself check out Delta-Montrose Technical College and Colorado Northwestern Community College in Rangely.


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      I work for GJPD so I can provide a bit of info about their process. I don’t know about the other agencies so I’m not going to comment about what I don’t know about...

      • GJPD does hire non-certified applicants (I'm living proof) and pay them a wage as they put them through academy.

      • Mesa State has a new Police Academy, right in Grand Junction. This is a very good option for candidates looking to get hired by GJPD, as many of their Officer’s will be teaching classes. (http://www.mesastate.edu/wccc/post.htm)

      • Check out GJPD’s web site for more information, as well as points of contact for the recruitment / hiring process.

      Good Luck!

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        Wow, I didn't know GJPD hires non certified. I called them over a year ago and they stated they did not. Is the Mesa State College a brand new deal? That is great... How long did it take to get hired by GJ? Did you have a lot of competition? Thanks


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          You're right, it *was* different a year ago! The whole reason I moved down to AZ last June was that agencies down there were willing to pay wage & tuition. And now, a number of Colorado agencies that previously required POST cert are willing to send to the academy...even some of the small ones, like Carbondale, are open to sponsoring the right candidate.

          Cody, it's nice to see someone else from the GJ area on the forum! My bf is testing with GJPD in a week and a half. I hear there are two slots open for a July hire date...I am excitedly praying that he will get one of them!!!


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            Good to hear. We're really growing and need the help.
            By the way, you can tell your friend GJPD is one great place to work.


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              cody, what is the population of GJ now? what have you heard about mesa county sheriffs office? it seems they are always hiring.


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                I believe our population is now a bit over 45,000. Probably close to 100,000 in the valley (Palisade, Clifton, Grand Junction, Orchard Mesa, and Fruita). As for MCSO, I’ve heard a lot of good things. I know quite a few Deputies and they all seem to be very happy working there. The PD does pay a bit more, if that’s of interest…
                I think most places are hiring these days; at least on this side of the mountain. It’s hard to keep up with the population growth.


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                  I moved from GA late last year and I was going through the process of getting hired at the Police department, I went as far as the interview phase before moving to Colorado. My question is this. Is there a reserve program I can look into in the Delta area? What are my options... Thanls
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                    I would try Montrose County Sheriffs Office. From what I HEARD, they hire often. Or even Montrose PD hires non post certified sometimes.

                    As far as Mesa County SO. Right now they are only hiring entry level Jail Operation Deputies. However, if you get on with them and they have openings for Patrol. You can test and they will sponsor you in the Delta Academy.


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                      Originally posted by Reiland View Post
                      My bf is testing with GJPD in a week and a half. I hear there are two slots open for a July hire date...I am excitedly praying that he will get one of them!!!
                      Got the call on Friday that he'll be starting with GJPD on July 27th!!! And less than an hour before that, he asked me to marry him, and I said YES!!!


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                        I look forward to working with your husband to be. Welcome to the family!


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                          Originally posted by Reiland View Post
                          Got the call on Friday that he'll be starting with GJPD on July 27th!!! And less than an hour before that, he asked me to marry him, and I said YES!!!

                          Wow, I am not sure, but that seems like an extremely quick process. Congrads on both the new job and the marriage. I know a retired judge in GJ that did a beautiful service for my wife and I. We are in Las Vegas now and my wife is looking for a 4-year school to transfer to (CJ major). I have been considering sponsoring myself through the Mesa Academy. Is your husband-to-be certified or GJ will be sponsoring him?


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                            Thanks, Cody & LVJonJ!

                            He is AZ POST certified, having been on Phoenix PD for five years. He has a provisional cert for CO, giving him six months to get CO POST cert while working for GJPD.

                            As for the process, it was -extremely- quick. No complaints there!

                            Mesa State College has a CJ program, as well as the academy for POST cert. I want to say I saw details showing it as a 16-week, 5 days a week/10 hrs a day program, but can't seem to verify it at the moment.


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                              I just completed the Mesa State POST program (it's official name is the Western Colorado Peace Officer's Academy). It is a 14 week course, 8-10 hour days, 5 days a week. Next class starts on August 20. It is an excellent program. Our whole class (14 of us) passed POST on the first time through. Lowest score on POST was 79%. The instructors are all from local area agencies: GJPD, MCSO, Fruita PD and CSP.


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