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    I don't know much about the inner workings of either agency, but the Sheriff's from two of the biggest SOs in the state just lost to cops from tiny Mountain View PD. Not sure how working in a non supervisory position in a tiny agency prepares someone to lead a large bureaucracy but I guess time will tell. Wonder if people will start jumping ship?


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    Wow....population 500?


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      The guy that won for Adams County previously worked there as a Sgt and it's rumored he "retired" after previously running against the incumbent sheriff and losing. So he does have supervisory experience and knowledge of that agency. Heard a lot of command staff will be retiring in the coming months.

      As for Arapahoe, that might be more of a dumpster fire. The winner in that race was a police officer from Northglenn (unknown why/how he left), then became a security guard (odd change), then a cop for Mountain View. Mountain View has been viewed as a place for misfit cops, ones that get fired from other agencies for one reason or another, but not for something so egregious they lose their cert or are Brady-listed. It pays pretty bad, and is only about 12 square blocks. It truly was a blue wave in Colorado, and its widely assumed these races were won due to the incumbents having a (R) next to their name and these challengers having a (D).

      I think Adams County will be just fine, and many of the line cops are actually happy about the change. However, Arapahoe is much more in question..


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        This state is definitely changing for the worse. If the new Sheriff is smart he'll put his ego aside and hire or keep people who know how to run an agency that size especially on the jail side. I think the below editorial is pretty much dead on.



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          I work for Arapahoe County SO. The new Sheriff seems to be a fairly bright guy. He brought on two gentlemen with a ton of experience. He also chose to keep most of command staff in place. I think we will be fine. It was a huge loss to lose Sheriff Walcher he was a cops cop and a great leader!


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            Saw you posted and mentioned you work for Arapahoe. I'm not currently POST certified and wanted to know if you knew any information regarding the non certified Deputy positions for the detention/jail. I wanted to know if Arapahoe SD will send detention Deputies to get POST certified or if they every have internal openings for patrol? If not then how would a detention Deputy get POST certified?


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              1. Arapahoe County does not hire post certified deputies to work in the jail, they used to but not anymore it saves them money. It might change with the new Sheriff. 2. If you are POST certified, working as a detention deputy will not hold your POST certification. 3. You are going to have to obtain POST certification on your own. They do not sponsor people. There is a few community colleges in the state that offer academies to become POST certified. 4. If you are POST certified you should only apply for the deputy sheriff position (patrol).

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            Anyone have any good advice/general info on the testing/hiring process with ACSO,Patrol Deputy?
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