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    Considering relocating to be with family who have migrated from California to Fort Collins, CO. Current CA LEO w/ under 10 years on the job working in large CA city.

    Interested in hearing about morale, community support (or lack thereof), compensation/benefits/cost of living, equipment, politics, testing process, etc. I intend to reach out to a recruiter this week and just finished reading the current contract. Any info is appreciated. Thanks ! Any other agencies in the Fort Collins area I should look at as well?
    point am i clear?

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    I don't have much for you but the area is a bigtime college town and researching the history of college aged riots in the past may help you learn how the community is now. Good luck

    Pretty windy around there fyi.
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      They don't have a defined benefit pension, just a 401a (which is pretty much the same as a 401k). They do have take home cars and get compensated well.


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