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  • Colorado Springs Hiring Laterals

    We got the go ahead from Civil Service to offer an abbreviated 8 week Academy for experienced police officers. Laterals need an Associates and 3 years of patrol experience in the last five years. There are some exceptions to the patrol requirement, but detentions isn't one of them. If you are out-of-state, you only have to come to Colorado Springs twice - once to test and once for an interview with your background investigator if you test well enough to get a conditional job offer. Starting pay will be $56,604 a year. If you are interested, you need to move fast. Call the recruiter at (719) 444-7437 or visit the website at and navigate to Public Safety, then Police, then Employment and Volunteers. Good luck!

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    i'm not eligible for this...but when do they plan to run the abbv. academy? you didnt specify. Was this the idea of the new chief? i was wondering why they didn't do this before when I tested in '04 (for the basic academy) as most agencies here have been doing this for quite a while.


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      Colorado Springs Hires Laterals

      We already had this in the works before the new Chief arrived. Basically, we did some strategic planning in 2006 and this was one of the outcomes of that process. New Chief liked the idea. Academy will start in late August.


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        from what ive seen working in an ER in the springs they all carried the same thing so i would assume they can't carry their own weapon. However, dano would be better to confirm or deny that.


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          If you are a CO POST certifed (or equivalent) lateral from within or outside CO you can do better than $56,000. There are officers from outside the state starting on over $60K at some Denver-metro agencies. The best I heard was officers at Thornton starting topped out on $66,500. Depending on the agency and what you negotiate with the Chief you could be looking at even more (ie Littleton stops out on $68K).
          It is not the critic who counts...


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            I am set to take that test. Does anyone have any information on what kind of shifts and rotation they work? The interview looks pretty interesting as well, with only a few minutes to prepare a 20 min. presentation on a question that is posed at the interview. Sounds like they are pretty big on the community policing thing.


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              they work 4 10's. 20 min presentation? they must have changed it since i did my last interview... but that was 3 years ago


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                It seems like it takes an act of god to get on with CSPD. One of my sergeants has tested six (yes 6) times with no luck. I've seen squared away people get turned down repeatedley, and people with shoddy backgrounds get in on the first try (one included sexual deviance issues on the poly).

                Either way, of all the guys that I know there, I have yet to meet an Officer who was not satisified there.


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                  CSPD patrol can only carry a 9mm S&W (most commonly 5906 model) on their duty belt; however, there are plans to to switch to the 9mm SW99 (poly) in the near future. Officers can also carry a backup weapon .38 cal or larger. Most of patrol has the level 1 holster, but I believe that there are plans to switch to a level 2. All in all the equipment with the department is satisfactory considering that the city is operating on a tight budget.

                  Originally posted by Mike717
                  I have seen the equipment used by patrol, and it's rather shody, at no fault of their own. Of course, this doesn't deter me from wanting to work there. Are you guys at all allowed to purchase your own equipment if you so choose to do so. And I'm refering to your gun (I carry a Glock 22 and am not fond of Smith's) and duty rig. The reason I ask is because I've noticed that the holsters are not triple retention. The one good thing about the agency I currently work for is that we have top notch equipment, so I'm a little bias about that. Then again, Colorado Springs pays a hell of a lot more with a comparatively similar cost of living. I appreciate any info anybody might have.


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                    Colorado Springs Hiring Laterals

                    I've been working on some other projects, so I haven't had much time to respond to some of the comments regarding the Department.

                    For Mike717: With our last Academy class, we began issuing new recruits the Smith & Wesson M&P9 with a level II holster. The M&P9 will replace exisiting Smith & Wesson firearms. I don't have the replacement schedule, so I don't know when the project will be complete. Our Range guys tell me that existing officers will be able to choose between a level I and II holster.

                    For co911: You better be able to make more in the Denver metro area than in Colorado Springs because it's going to cost you more to live there! There are a number of cost of living calculators out there and they sometimes give different results. The CNNMoney calculator indicates that if you make $56,600 a year in Colorado Springs, you'll need to make $60,876 in Denver. Housing costs 20% more in Denver and utilities cost 25% more. We do pay competitively. Frankly, if you are job hunting and pay is your primary focus, you are not conducting a very sophisticated job search. We poll our hires and I've never seen one of them say that pay was the main reason they chose to work for CSPD. Dig a little bit deeper.

                    For Traffic_82: Your comments are unprofessional. We've discussed them off line and you've apologized. However, you are correct in noting that it's not easy to get on here. We have had a sufficient pools of qualified applicants in the past to choose from and therefore we've been able to be more selective in our hiring decisions. That's pretty typical for large Departments that pay well and have lots of career opportunities. I realize that many small Departments in Colorado aren't as fortunate. I've been present for almost every hiring decision made in this Department in the last nine years and we don't hire "shoddy" applicants. In fact, we hire well. That's one of the reasons our turn over is quite small. Officers enjoy working here. Some applicants do test with us over and over again and never do well enough to be considered for employment. I feel badly for those candidates because I know they really want to get on with us. However, motivation is only one of many factors we consider in making a hiring decision. At some point, a candidate needs to have the maturity to "read the tea leaves" and move on.

                    Thanks for the feedback. If you have specific questions about equipment, pay or our hiring process such as those posed in these posts, feel free to call our Recruiter at (719) 444-7437. Be safe.



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                      Do you know how many spots they are going to fill for the lateral academy?



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                        Colorado Springs Hiring Laterals

                        We're still discussing that. It will depend upon where we are against authorizations and the budget. We're currently only 6 below our authorized strength of 688. We might be down 10-12 by the time we make a hiring decision. So, my best guess at this time is that we would be looking to hire between 6 and 12.


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                          Thanks for your quick reply.


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                            Anybody else complete the first phase of the lateral process? What did you think of the test and oral board. The oral board was much different than any other I have seen.


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                              Since there isn't too much activity in this thread, I thought I'd make a quick point.

                              Most of the police agencies in the US recruit only citizens. Some will accept applications from you if you are a lawful permanent resident (LPR) but at the time of hiring, your status *MUST* have changed to a citizen.

                              Thankfully, CSPD is one of the few police agencies out there, which accepts LPRs at the time of applying *and* hiring. This gives people like me (a Lawful Permanent Resident aka Green Card Holder), some hope of serving the community in a police officer's role.

                              *THANK YOU* Colorado Springs Police Dept. for that I will be applying with your agency for the January 2008 recruit academy.

                              By the way, since this is the Colorado group. is there any other LE agency in this state, which accepts LPRs at the time of applying *and* hiring?

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