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Combined Regional Academy - Jan 12th 2015 (JCSO/Lakewood/Arvada etc)


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  • Combined Regional Academy - Jan 12th 2015 (JCSO/Lakewood/Arvada etc)

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if there were any recent graduates from the Combined Regional Academy within the last year or so. I have been informed of the pace of physical training and am very well prepared for it, but with regards to the academic tests (Of which there are 15 within the 22 week Academy) I am interested in being a little more up to speed.

    Are any study guides that people would recommend, or are they provided by the Academy?

    Any other advice on equipment, useful items that made your life easier during the academy with regards to personal admin?

    Thank you for any future answers.

    - RVI

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    I just graduated last week. I wouldn't worry about the academic tests. They will depend on what classes were taught the previous week. Generally the instructors will let you know what will be on the tests and what to study, if not then just ask them. You'll get Powerpoints, handouts, etc. for most classes.

    The only thing I would suggest gear wise is to get a second pair of boots. Have one for inspections/class room days and one pair for the range. That will cut down on time spent cleaning and polishing. It's also not a bad idea to get night sights and a weapon light on your gun if your agency authorizes it. You'll also need to get a flash light if your agency didn't issue you one. Other than that I wouldn't worry about buying too much extra gear unless you want to.

    What agency are you with?


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      I have purchased a new firearm and Surefire x300 ultra for the course, the second pair of boots are an excellent idea, I will polish up my spare magnums as they are leather. Good call!

      JSCO is the agency.

      Thank you for the insight. You have already helped.


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