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Colorado Provisional Certification


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  • Colorado Provisional Certification

    Has anyone from out-of-state or the feds ever tried to apply for it? If so, was the process relatively easy?

    I work as a Fed LEO and was thinking about submitting my paperwork to see if they would accept my training.

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    In Colorado you have to be certified as a peace officer by another STATE. I don't believe most federal creds will qualify.


    Apparently some will:

    I am a federal police officer or work for a federal agency, can I go through the provisional certification process?

    POST accepts federal police officer and agencies that require FLETC certification. FBI, Secret Service, DEA, DOJ, Border Patrol, ICE, are among the agencies that we accept as long as you must be fully certified for at least three years, and have served full time at least one year in the last three years to obtain provisional certification. Information on the provisional certification process is available on our website at Provisional Certification. If you qualify, you may either go through a skills test-out in the Denver area, which is held every other month, or attend a refresher academy.

    As for it being easy, who cares? If you want the job do what it takes to get it.
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      I recently left the Marshals Service and am now employed by a local department in the Denver area. Getting a provisional certification is quite easy. My department is now sending me to the refresher academy in October put on by POST so that I can get a full certification. Otherwise I would have 6 months from receiving the provisional cert to test out of the 4 exams on my own (arrest control, driving, shooting, and the legal exam). Truthfully, I have found process quite easy coming from the Feds. Read their website. It explains the process in its entirety. If you have any further questions, PM me. Good luck.


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