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Town of Morrison?


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  • Town of Morrison?

    OK, nobody knows anything about the Division of Gaming.

    Anybody familiar with the Town of Morrison PD, specifically it's reserve program?

    My current agency allows "double badgeing" as long as there's no concurrent jurisdiction. I was thinking about applying to be a reserve officer with Morrison to get some road experience.

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    Nope, sorry, got nothing on them either. But I'd recommend one of the larger county SO's in the Denver area for a reserve program....lots of great experience there and I can't imagine much going on in Morrison. Good luck.
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      Small town and small department with a couple of big challenges. Red Rocks Ampitheater and Bandemier Speedway. Primary issue being the traffic, in and out, of both venues when they're underway. Otherwise, a sleepy hollow. They will likely need "part-time" officers on concert and race dates.
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        We've hired two officers in the last couple years that used to work part-time there. Neither had very good things to say about management.

        For the most part, the part-time officers were required to buy most of their uniforms and equipment, received barely any training, and were sent out to write as many traffic tickets as possible. I was told that if they weren't writing at least 8-10 tickets a shift that they were getting chewed out. They would also often ignore insurance and license violations so that they could write their tickets into city court instead of county.

        I was also surprised to find out that both Red Rocks and Bandimere Speedway are outside of the city limits, and the PD has little to do with them other than some traffic control when there are events.

        I'm not necessarily saying it's a bad place, but just know what you'd being getting into.
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