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  • Cppa

    Anyone a memeber of CPPA? If so, how do you like it.

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    I've been a member for many years. I haven't had to use their services for anything.

    I did have a question which they never answered.

    The question was;

    Our Office says during any administrative hearing you cannot have any legal counsel present.

    CPPA sells both admin and legal defense coverage as one package, or you can have just the legal defense.

    I do pay for complete package that covers both.

    Here is the link to the PLEA


    My question was "Can our admin deny us legal coverage during an administrative hearing/process?

    All I have heard so far is crickets....

    We had a Deputy involved in a shooting recently and he wasn't pleased with the quality of the lawyer CPPA provided.

    The FOP stepped up for him, and he was happy.

    I keep it just in case, but no, I'm no thrilled with it.
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      Was a member a long time ago and looked into it again recently, but would agree I don't think they have the best legal coverage which is the main reason for joining.


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        I was for a short time, but dropped them and went back to FOP. My lodges monthly dues are getting out of hand, so I may have to go back to them just for the legal defense and drop FOP.


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          I would get CPPA just for the legal. Let me say that they saved my, um, BACON once upon a time. Other benefits not too bad.
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            I'm really only looking at them for the legal defense fund. The price for the LDF seems a bit more reasonable than FOP. Thanks for the replies.


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              Answer to Dep D. I believe that you can have a lawyer with you if Admin permits. If they are permitted then they cannot talk, just observe. The legal package, for me, was well worth it when dealing with an IDIOT sheriff and his command staff. Now that most Sheriff's Offices are "at will" and have done away with the "At the pleasure" it is not as much of an issue. Remember the first rule of law enforcement, C.Y.A. You know they, Admin, will.
              Stupid has no color or race, everyone can participate.


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