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LEO in Boulder or surrounding areas?


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  • LEO in Boulder or surrounding areas?

    Hello all,

    I am very interested in becoming a LEO and especially interested in becoming a part of the Boulder PD. I am currious if anyone on here is part of the Boulder PD or has any experience with Boulder PD. I am going on a ride along next Tuesday but would still like to hear from people both a part of the Boulder PD and those outside of the Boulder PD.

    Also, I realize I should not put all of my eggs in one basket so to speak, so if anyone has any opinions on the surrounding PDs I would love to hear them. And if anyone knows of any LEO positions that are or will be open soon I'd love to know where so that I can apply.

    Lastly, what should I wear on my ride along, I've heard business casual is good, are jeans a bad idea? Sneakers or something more formal? I would like to make a good impression but not over do it. Would it be OK to bring a notebook along to ask questions and write down answers?

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    I'm not in Boulder, but jeans and sneakers are a bad idea. I have been on several ride alongs and business casual is a pair of khakis, dress shirt, and dress shoes. You must look professional or they may not even take you. Be courteous and ask the officer before you bust out the notebook. He may or may not like that idea.


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