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Out of State Lateral Transfer


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  • Out of State Lateral Transfer

    Good Day All,

    I am a Certified Officer for the State of Oklahoma and have been for over 10 years. I have family in the Great State of Colorado and in the future would like to move there. Can anyone tell me, explain, or point me in the right direction as far as if Colorado does certification by reciprocity? Also what departments, both Local and S.O., accept Laterals? How hard is it to lateral transfer from another state? Any help would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Also if anyone is from Weld or Larimer Counties or serves in those counites at the Local or S.O. level that is where I am hopefully wanting to move.

    Thanks all and be safe.

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    a GOOGLE search of the term
    colorado p.o.s.t requirements....................

    in part.......


    Persons who are currently serving as peace officers in other States, or with the federal government (other than the armed forces) may be able to receive certification without completing new basic training. The other jurisdiction must have minimum law enforcement training standards, and the applicant must have successfully completed the basic law enforcement training required by that state or federal jurisdiction.

    If the applicant completed the training more than three years earlier, then he or she must have served as a peace officer for at least six months in that jurisdiction, during the three years prior to application. If the applicant meets these prerequisites, he or she must comply with requirements (1) and (2) above, successfully complete approved skills training or skills testing, and pass the certification examination.

    Contact Information:

    Colorado P.O.S.T

    1525 Sherman St., 6th Floor

    Denver, Colorado 80203

    (303) 866 - 5692

    FAX: (303) 866 - 5671
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      Weld County SO

      Greeley Police Department
      You can request that your name be placed on the mailing list for notification of the next Police Officer recruitment:
      Contact the Human Resources Department at 970-350-9710 and ask to be placed on the Police Officer Recruitment Notification List or e-mail your name, address, and phone number using Feedback from the Contact Us page of the Employment Page of the City's website

      Windsor Police Department
      Police Officer Positions
      The Windsor Police Department accepts applications from currently certified and employed police officers on a lateral transfer basis and applicants who are certifiable and have completed the COPS testing program provided by the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police. If you are currently a working officer or are certifiable and have taken the COPS test you may request an application. If you would like information from CACP on the COPS testing process you may refer to the COPS link at CACP’s website No openings at this time.

      Loveland Police Department

      Larimer County SO

      Fort Collins Police Department

      The Google Fu is strong in this one.
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        What area of Oklahoma are you from?


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          Central part of OK along I 44 in Stroud.


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            Originally posted by spdsix View Post
            Central part of OK along I 44 in Stroud.
            Please give yourself a couple of days to acclimate to wherever you do the two-day test out. You're in Stroud (Been there while visiting friends in Wellston) at an elevation of 900 ft. above sea level. CO POST testing can be done at a few venues, about the state, but primarily at the State Patrol Academy in Golden....some 5675 Ft. above sea level. If you're not adjusted it may rattle you.
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