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    I was considering moving from IL to the Denver, CO area. Any one have advice on what towns would be nice and affordable to live in? Thanks for the info!

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    Everyone has different expectations about what they want. I hate big cities. I would rather live near a small town out in the boonies. Some people would eat their own gun in the same situation. What are you looking for?

    There is a big difference in neighborhoods in different places. Some are great some I iwould send you to only if I hated you.

    You want city, rural, suburban. Renting, buying ? House, Condo,Apartment, trailer park? And what do you consider affordable.
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      Denver has many suburbs and smaller cities & towns surrounding it. A visit out here, first, might help you determine what kind of home you want, where you might wish to live. We love Castle Rock and are within 20-30 mins from downtown Denver.

      We made three such trips. If you want south of Denver, I have a great Real Estate guy who helped us, some friends who followed us, and is helping the next family to follow us, here.
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        A lot of our cops live in Castle Rock, Parker, and in S/E Aurora. Nice places to live. Affordable housing and you get more bang for your buck. Great schools, safe neighborhoods, suburban type areas if that is what you're looking for.


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          Thanks for the info guys. I plan to make a trip out there after winter to check some of those places out.


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            I would first decide if you want to live north, south. east or west depending on where you work and play. Denver is not a great city for daily commuting. There is one major N/S highway (I-25) and one major E/W highway (I-70).

            I know people that live in the north suburbs and drive to the Tech Center everyday. They spend 1.5 hours a day in their car.

            There are good places to live throughout Denver. I personally like Westminster and Thornton to the north and Lakewood and the Morrison area to the southwest.
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              Never been out to Colorado, but on tv (I know I know, it's not the same.) it's beautiful country.


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                I like the area North East of Denver, personally. Brighton/Thornton/Erie/Firestone/Dacono. Maybe even Fort Lupton.

                There are nice new neighborhoods that are not yet completely built out. You can buy in now and be willing to drive a couple minutes to walmart or whatever yet still enjoy open space, good views, reasonable laws, etc.

                Brighton, for example, is 23 minutes from the airport and has enough local stores and restaurants that there are very few things you have to go outside the city for. Still only 30k people, low crime rates, have most major city services like library, cultural arts center, good police coverage, etc.

                If you want to go smaller town, you could go Fort Lupton 7k people just a few minutes north. If you want something larger but still suburban denver, you can look into Thornton which is considerably larger, with all of the pros and cons which accompany that size.

                I like this little belt of land along the adams/weld county borders. Lots of towns to choose from far enough from the city but not TOO far that its damnably inconvenient.
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